MDR Certification:
The path to approval for your medical devices.

New MDR certification requirements since 2021

The Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745 (MDR) has served as the legal basis for MDR certification of medical devices throughout the EU since May 26, 2021; it is binding in all EU member states and does not need to be transposed into national law. In addition, there are national legislations in each member state, which can sometimes make marketability difficult.

We accompany you during your MDR certification

It should be noted at the outset that medical devices are not approved in the formal legal sense, as is the case with medicinal products, but are generally assessed for conformity by the certified medical device manufacturer itself. For this, the manufacturer must have gone through MDR certification, which we can assist you in achieving.

How we can help you with MDR certification:

For medical devices there are essential safety and performance requirements which must be met in a conformity assessment procedure. These regulations serve to ensure the safety of a product.

To this end, the manufacturer must establish a quality management system that, for example, performs risk management and clinical evaluations for each product.

MDR risk class classification

The risk class of the medical device is decisive for the degree of personal responsibility of the manufacturer. Within the scope of certification, the MDR distinguishes between four risk classes, which classify medical devices be means of defined criteria.

Risk class I:
The lowest risk class 1 allows the manufacturer to take complete responsibility of the testing and certification process. Within the scope of certification, the MDR distinguishes between four risk classes, which classify medical devices by means of defined criteria.

Risk classes IIa, IIb and III:
In the case of higher risk classes, a private-law and independent testing and certification body (notified body) must be involved in the medical device approval process. This, in turn, is subject to a European-organized, state designation procedure and the observation of the competent authority. The Notified Body is responsible for carrying out the prescribed tests and issuing the corresponding certificates.

Do you have questions about the classification of your product?
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Every medical device must undergo the prescribed conformity procedure.

If a medical device meets all the necessary performance and safety requirements and can demonstrate the acceptability of the risk-benefit ratio, this is documented in a declaration of conformity and given the CE mark, which makes it freely marketable throughout the European Economic Area.

Post-marketing vigilance systems (continuous monitoring) are in place that can identify risks and allow further monitoring of the products.

How Medicoforum supports you

Medicoforum is experienced in achieving and maintaining marketability. We help you with advice and action as well as keeping you up to date with the latest information, so that you can continue to develop your product. We can also use our experience and expertise to support you during the approval process of your medical devices or MDR certification procedure.