Medicoforum GmbH is involved in the update of registration dossiers in the framework of renewals and line extensions both nationally and internationally for medicinal products.

Furthermore the focus is the conduct of new applications including compilation of all required registration documents, dossiers inclusive of clinical trials according to ICH-GCP (Auditing and Monitoring are available).

Main activities at present comprise:

Certification of Medical Devices on an international basis (for instance EU, Non-EU-countries, USA and Canada)

Production of high-level quality product dossiers.

Generation and compilation of clinical data including clinical trials according to the Medical Device Law. (Auditing and Monitoring are available).

Establishment, Maintenance and Update of Quality Management Systems on a high level of experience.

Conduct of CE certification in close co-operation with Notified Bodies and responsible governmental institutions.

Development of Medical Products within Medicoforum.